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    We’re a husband and wife team who understand how important it is to enjoy life with the ones you love, grasping the moments that make up the fabric of who we are and what we go through together.

    We love the beauty of documenting what is a truly pivotal day in a couple’s life: capturing the raw emotions of that day, the little moments and interactions between beloved ones, playful spirits of those gathered together to celebrate and of course the special bond that is shared between two souls. Passionate about life and the various forms of art and human connection, we endeavour to deliver our clients memorable images that have aesthetic value and even more importantly, that have meaning to them.


    Catherine says “slippy” instead of “slippery”. Jesse never corrects her, because he thinks it’s cute.

    Jesse’s biggest heroic act was saving a skunk whose head was stuck in a plastic cup. But he had already won Catherine’s heart long before that.

    Catherine loves rollercoasters. Jesse loves rollercoasters too, even if he sometimes gets sick from the twisty ones.

    Jesse enjoys playing cards until the wee hours of the morning. Catherine hates not being in bed before midnight, almost as much as she hates card games.

    Catherine can’t watch a romantic movie with dry eyes. Jesse sometimes gets a bit of dust in his eyes.

    Jesse is not a morning person. Catherine is. Guess who does all the talking in the morning.

    Catherine likes to keep changing her hair style, often switching between short and long. Jesse twice tried to let his hair grow long. It turned out to be a miserable failure both times.

    Catherine likes to knit. Jesse thought of capitalizing on that, until he realized knitting takes entirely too long to make a worthwhile profit.

    Jesse wants to be cool like Harvey Specter or Don Draper. He’ll never manage, he’s way too silly most of the time. Which is fine with Catherine, because she doesn’t think those guys are cool.

    Catherine ran 3 marathons and a bunch of half-marathons. Jesse ran a couple of half-marathons, but always with a limp at the end. He vows that he will train properly for the next one.

    Jesse took 8 years of piano lessons and still enjoys playing and composing. Catherine took 8 years of Karate and will karate chop anyone attempting to steal her food.

    Catherine sometimes snorts when she laughs. Jesse enjoys making Catherine laugh.

    Jesse fell in love with Catherine the moment he saw her dancing. Catherine made the first move. They lived happily ever after.

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